Chester Greenwood, thank you for keeping our ears warm! Did you know that March 13 is Earmuff Day in the United States? It was on this day in 1877 when Chester Greenwood (1858-1937) from Farmington, Maine, was awarded a patent for his invention of earmuffs.

In 1873, fifteen-year-old Chester Greenwood figured out how to keep his ears warm by using a bit of wire and cloth. His invention is an important contribution to cold weather protection.

He came up with the idea while iceskating. His ears were cold. He tried keeping them warm by tying his scarf around his head, but it was too bulky and itchy. Then, he had a eureka moment and knew exactly what to do to solve the problem. When he got home he asked his grandmother to sew up his design.

Chester Greenwood called his new invention the Champion Ear Protector and started a factory to manufacture his invention. Later, the name was changed from ear protector to earmuffs. During World War I he made a lot of money selling earmuffs to American soldiers. Chester went on to invent many other things.

Today earmuffs come in many different styles. His hometown is very proud of Chester. In 1977, the town declared the first day of winter, December 21, Chester Greenwood Day.

Chester Greenwood earmuffs