Frank Epperson from San Francisco was just 11-years old when he accidentally invented the Popsicle in 1905. He left a drink he had made from flavoured soda water powder and water overnight on the front porch of his house. In the morning, when he went to drink it, it was frozen. Overnight, the temperature had fallen below freezing, which didn’t happen often in the city. He pulled the frozen drink out of the glass, used the stir stick he had left inside the glass as a handle, and licked away!

Much later in 1922, Frank thought it was time to do something with his invention. He served his frozen “drink” to guests at a large party. It was an amazing hit and people wanted more.

Frank knew he was on to a good thing and applied for a patent for his invention. He called it Ice on a Stick. He was awarded a patent in 1924. Then, he changed the name to Epsicle Ice Pop and started selling the ice pops for a nickel each. Later, he changed the name again to Popsicle. Lucky us. Can you imagine a world without Popsicles? I can’t. What’s your favourite flavour?