Project Description

Digital Post-production: The Rise of Sneaker Culture
Client: The Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto

Post-production of images shot in RAW file format for use in the exhibition The Rise of Sneaker Culture, and for use in the exhibition catalogue, and all marketing materials. Post-production included colour and exposure adjustments and conversion to other file formats such as JPG and TIFF.

[The exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum] features some of the rarest, most historic kicks, displayed as pieces of art under locked glass like ancient Egyptian relics—a sure way to notch up the value of the footwear that was once the domain of children and athletes only. “I wanted to tell the very complex history of sneakers by having original material,” Semmelhack said of curating the exhibit. “There’s a million Chuck Taylors out there, but there’s [only] one original Chuck Taylor. . . . There have been millions of sneakers created, yet out of those millions, not all of them have been important to sneaker culture.”
Vanity Fair